Ready for a Real Love?


Are You Ready for the Love Life You Deserve? It’s Time for Your Extraordinary Relationship to Happen. He’s Waiting.


Hello! My name is April A. Carter and I am devoted to helping women like you have long term, rewarding relationships. What if you could have the relationship you want? A person by your side who accepts your flaws and all. Someone to walk through life’s journey with you. You can have it all! A successful career, love, family and friendship with your supporting mate by your side.  

What Is a Relationship Coach?

As your Relationship Coach, I support and encourage changes of your behavior. A fitness coach guides you to reach your weight loss and fitness goals. A financial coach maps out a plan for you to meet your financial goals. It is my mission to guide you to living the life you want with the person designed especially for you.

My Promise To You»



I take your love life seriously! My strategies are based on the 4 Principals of “Dating with Determination” and is designed for you to attract the kind of person you are compatible with. Your forever love is waiting.


I’ve Been There and I’ve Done That!

I’ll Show You How to Date with Determination for the Relationship You Want.

— April A. Carter



Positively changing the love lives of smart and successful women is what I do. You’ve crushed the game in every area of your life, except in the romance department. I Can Help You. I Will Help You. But, FIRST You Must Help Yourself.

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